Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i went to a support group today...

...for breastfeeding.
and ya know? breastfeeding is actually going well.
i feel good about the success me and romes have had.
but there is this free class, every tuesday morning, for breastfeeding mommas.
and it was screaming my name.
i love the idea of support groups.
to me, the idea of women sitting around in a group, sharing similar experiences, is beautiful. honestly, i could attend support groups all week long. monday could be a 'i wanna be the best wife i can be' support group - where we would all share brilliant wifelike things. tuesday would be the breastfeeding class. wednesday would be my bible study, aka, 'how to calm your anxious heart' group. thursday would be my 'dealing with all the postpartum craziness' group
and friday would be a 'become a better cook for your family' group. oh, yes.... that would be the perfect week for me.
i devour time when i get to sit around with women, and hash out the ups and downs, ins and outs, goods and bads. i love that kind of thing.
and today was perfect.
about 20 woman came to breastfeeding class.
we all sat in a circle, some fed, some didn't
we went around and introduced ourselves and our baby
we all asked one question
we all answered any question we had advice for
we all chatted up what was working
we all chatted up what wasn't working
we shared
we disclosed
and it was beautiful

but really............
breastfeeding is great.
and i get to spend serious connected (pun intended, pshhh waaaa hehehe) time with my little roman at least 8 times a day..........


thanks for all the beautiful comments and messages in response to my last post. it's amazing how blogging has allowed me to reach out and be there for others, and likewise the support i've received is beautiful. to read your words of encouragement and love is like a extra large peppermint hot chocolate on a 20 degree day. no wait, its better. your words and support warm my heart. and you help me feel like i'm gonna make it, that i'll survive this new gig :)


  1. Roman! love his name :)
    Also, i've never been to a support group, but would love to have the courage to go sometime. How do socially anxious people go to a social anxiety support group?? haha


  2. psst and i'm loving your blog!