Tuesday, November 9, 2010

randoms on roman...

you are one sweaty little boy.
so we rarely put sockies on your feeties.
you are more comfortable with your toes loose!
i know when you have to take a break from nursing......you know, to go to the bathroom........because you pucker up your lips just like this! it really is the cutest thing ;)
who do you get this trait from?? i should ask mr leif if he does the same thing!?!?
you like your paci when we ride in the car, and sometimes when you take a nap. you don't have to have it all the time......and i'm hoping it never becomes a necessity to soothe you!
(but of course, at this point, i'm so smitten, i'll give you whatever you want!)
oh dear! you are officially moving from newborn clothes to 0-3 months. it was a sad moment when your gma's pointed this scary fact out to me last weekend - your legs are stretchin the max out of those little clothes! good thing you got a week of wear in this little cute gettup from mommas bestie, carrie :)
you are sleepin in your crib! but your dad and i have a close eye on you......we've got video surveillance! haha. but really.........this is what you look like on our screen when you are snug as a bug in a rug in your swaddle, at night!
oh my! have i mentioned how cute your hair dries after bathtime! you have the cutest little mini mohawk. i love it. so fly. like a g6.
and hip hip hoooooooooooooooooray. your gettin chunky! check out your double chin!!! momma loves a chuny baby - i'm nursin the heck outof ya!
daddy's got the soothin touch. he's a swaddle pro (we had practice) and he holds you off to the side - which you LOVE! go daddy go!
and momma's fave..........you love snuggling in our big bed :)

and oh my goodness........tomorrow marks 4 weeks. speechless!

ps. thanks for not minding my crappy cell phone pictures :)

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  1. more!more!more! i think i'm addicted to your baby. gollygee he's CUTE. that mohawk is pretty fly...for a white guy :) ummm, i miss you. what else? hmm, i had so much to say, but now i'm just baby smitten.