Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm still grateful...

...even though yes, i skipped a day.

i'll write about our weekend later......maybe tomorrow, maybe tuesday........and just so you know, it was a fabulous and busy BUSY weekend, smiley face.

but for now,

today, december 5, 2010, i'm grateful for:
1. warm chili soup. and cinnamon rolls. on a cold sunday night.
2. finding one of roman's newborn diapers. man they were tiny. he's now in costco's size 1-2.....not much bigger, i know, but still......i'm glad i found that newborn one. i hugged it and ran out to mr leif immediately so we could ooooooh and aaaaaaaah over how tiny it is.......and miss how tiny roman was just weeks ago.
3. friends. friends who are new moms, just like me, who share in experiences. friends who are experienced moms, who can give me advice. and friends who are almost moms, who are glowing in their pregnancy, making me miss my belly :)'s three for missing yesterday,

1. my school district's human resources department. i've been talking with the head of our HR and she has been so sweet and flexible with my request - which leads me to........
2. my principal. she's been so understanding in my most recent news that i've shared with her - and now i should let you know i'm so, SO grateful for........
3. my new PART TIME status :) yep. it's not major part time, but it's still something - i'm going back to work, just 4 days a week! YES! that means i am only away from my baby 4 days, instead of 5. and that, my friends, is glorious. praise THE LORD.


  1. yahoooo!!!!!!! part-time?!?! heck yea!!!!!! God is so so SO goooood!! :)