Friday, December 3, 2010

isn't music the greatest?

for me, it speaks straight to my heart.
makes me laugh, cry, and even occasionally, it tempts me to drop it like its hot.
BAM! shake it.
well, unfortunate for us, we have one cd our whole house.
and it's broken. major sad face?? :(

i have a few christmas cd's that i love to play, you know, during this time of year.......and bummer dude. can't play'em.

and, i haven't taken the time to upload my music player in ages..........
and, long story short - i don't have itunes or any other downloading device......

SO the grateful part? (come on now, i had to set the stage........)

oh yes.........
today, december 3, 2010, i'm grateful for:

1. molly's music player. it's always been my fave. and now she's supplyin me (and you!) with the bestest christmas selection ev's.
2. roman's love of music. it's true, he loves it. matter of fact, i think he heard it so much in the womb (i'm a bit of a music addict) that he feels 'at home' as soon as i turn some tunes on. another kudos to molly? well yes, he fell asleep about 5 minutes ago listening to her snowy collection :)
3. this. below. this amazing flash mob. i just LOVE flash mobs. don't you? and my friend colette was in oprah's flash mob earlier this year with the blackeyedpeas. she's cool like that. this one is so cool though. cuz it's one of my favorite songs, evah.

oh dear. here's another!

special thanks to bethany. she told us all about the macy's one last night at wine club. and CHEERS to my return at wine club. oh it was good to be back. so good :)


  1. lindsay, you need! enter in any artist and it probably has every cd they've ever recorded. problem = solved.

  2. oops, i always forget you're a lindsey with an e.

  3. Hey:)

    I'm a recent follower and thought I'd stop by!
    Little Roman is too cute and I'm lovin all of his hair!

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