Thursday, December 2, 2010

things have changed... (and gratitude day 2)

...since roman joined me as my little side-kick.

like bigtime change. but it's ok. i don't mind :)
  • i don't have time to eat. you know, when we have something planned to do that day. of course, if we are home all day, i can munch around when he's down for a nap....however. when we leave, its 1)quick nurse him 2)quick change him 3)get him in his carseat 4)hit the road because the time until he needs to nurse again is extremely cherished and must be used to the max - so there is no time for YOU to think about feeding yourself. that can wait get home later........OR
  • you happen to buzz through a fast food drive in. but when you realize it's not too safe to eat and drive, you decide to quick snarf your chicken sammy down in the parking lot before taking off. well, guess what?! then the babe wakes up and begins to fuss because, dangit mom?, you stopped the car and he prefers the car to be moving :) throw the sammy back in the sack and hope that it's at least a little roomtemp when you get home to enjoy it later......however......
  • once you're back home its time to nurse again, duh!? remember that time in between feedings that you used to the max? well, times UP. get out the ladies and feed your baby......and then you realize.....
  • oh i wasted money with the fast food sammy, because now i am back home and i could have just found something here to munch on instead. oh well, mr leif will just enjoy (sarcastic) adding my cold chicken sammy to our 'eatout' budget.....does that really qualify as eating out? huh. yep. now it does :)

ok. i actually wrote that whole little blabble with a smile on my face, and even chuckled a bit. so please, OH please don't think i mind this CHANGE. seriously i'm embracing it with open arms. i know its the life of a momma, and for me? it's only just begun. so bring on the cold chicken sammys..........and da happy babies :) AND......... it's 3:11 in the AM. because yep. things have changed. i'm not sleeping like some of you are........nope. i've just put little rome back in his crib. he DID sleep from 9:00 - 2:00!!!!!!! so he DID need to eat, because it had been 5 hours!! and since i went to bed at 9:30 - that gave me 4 and a half ours of beautiful SLEEP.

thank you ROMAN!

dont you think i forgot...........

today, december 2, 2010, i am grateful for:

1. chicken sanwiches. from burger king. with only ketchup. warm? or cold.....they're GOOOOOOOOD and they're one of my fave's. judge if you wish health nuts! jk. i know i know.....gross, right? nahhhhhh i love em.

2. mr. leif's love of pizza. because if i had to love it alone, i wouldn't get to eat it enough....but since he loves it too........then we get it lots :)

3. roman's new found love to talk back to me. yeah yeah........i love that my kid talks back to me??? sounds like he needs a spank. haha JK. but really. someday i will laugh in despair that i used to love it when he 'talks back'........ but now? now i could eat it up like ice cream. i talk to him, saying things like......."open up or i'll wack your cheek with this nipple shield my lovie" (said in super cheesy, smile for me voice) and then..........he babbles back!!! it's the greatest. and there's something about the 'nipple shield' word, it gets him every time....... (yes. i use a nipple shield)


  1. lindsey. sometimes i read your blog and each time i do i wonder why i don't read it more. cause even though i'm a little ahead of you, i relate to so much of what you're saying. thanks for always being so honest!

    miles started sleeping all the way through the night a few months ago. yesterday i stretched his feeding and dropped the late night one and secretly hoped that he would wake up hungry so i could feed him in the middle of the night like the old days. he didn't. :( but my point is - those middle of the night feedings are precious and only last so long. soak it up.

    p.s. miles hated pizza. lucky.

  2. Linds- Great Post! I totally get where you are coming from with all the awesome changes (even if every meal you eat is cold, and you aren't getting 7 hours of constant sleep) :). It's so fun for me to read b/c since I am a few weeks ahead of you I get to take a trip down "memory lane". The awesome/ bitter sweetness of all this change is that it will soon change again. It's good b/c your babe is thriving and you get more sleep and things just work easier each day but sad b/c the little one isn't quite so little anymore. I have to keep telling you it only gets better from here girl! Colin is in a nice little schedule these days where he gets up at 7:30 eats at 8 sleeps from 9-11 eats at 11:30 plays sleeps from 1-3 plays and has a small cat nap from 4:30-5 and then gets to have quality "talking back" time with me and Kurt. Eats at 6:30, has a bath at 7:15 we read a few books and snuggle and then it is off to bed from 8-10 I wake him up to eat and then he sleeps til 5 and we do it all over again. I know that sounds crazy structured but it works for us and everything is really starting to feel normal and the way I had invisioned it! So excited to catch up with you at the December book club. Before you go back to work we should do a lunch date or something. I would be happy to hold Rome so you could get a hot meal. :) Take care Girl and have a great weekend! By the way not sure if you are ready to venture out but if you are you and your boys are more than welcome to come over and watch the Huskers on Sat night!

  3. haha, you will me with your hilarity. LOVE LOVE this post you silly funny girl!