Sunday, August 28, 2011

dizzle at 10 months.

oh little're not so little anymore.....
in fact, you're growing rather quickly!!!
we love you sooooo much,
and we especially love................

your cheesy little smile.

your attention to detail.

your erupting little giggle.

your interest in new things.

your love for your momma.

your love for the outdoors.

your eagerness to be independent.

your desire to take off and crawl anywhere.

your blabbering little syllables, of "dadaa" "bubu" and now, finally, "mumma"

your need for momma's presence.

your love to be spun around.

your love to be up so high.

your love of smooches.

your eagerness to walk with help.

your love to get your hands into things.

your love to do things on your own.

your love of refusing to eat (which momma, doesn't love) but here, ah HAH! caught you snarfin up a goldfish.

your love of being nakey. (get this shirt off momma!)

your love to be held.
(and momma's love to hold you)
(and also, momma's love to see your hair grow out and be shaggy.....but.....right now it's just a mess. a hott hott mess....)

your love for your daddy.

your love to be together, us three. it's when you're truly happiest.
and so are we.

little roman joe. our rome dizzle dizzle doo,
we do love you so much.
this month, the tenth one, has brought out such a new personality in you.
it's funny, yes indeed.
it's playful, yep yep.
and it's stubborn, yes that too.

i know, already, you will stretch my patience as much as they can be stretched.
i know, already, we will have power struggles.
but i'm preparing.
preparing with great prayers that i raise you with grace. calm, patient grace.
i hope to channel your strong personality into the best direction possible.
i'm so thankful for your daddy.
be provides the perfect part to our little trio of love.
he's calm, and patient, and doesn't get worked up over things like youNOTeating.
so yay for your daddy.
and yay for you.

in just a couple months you'll be one, what?

inhale, exhale. time goes quickly.


  1. you are beeeatiful lindsey. and roman is yummy yummy. <3